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An All-American Family

September 2, 2008 - Bill Speer
Like it or not, GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's family and its woes are rather familiar to many parents and families across the country today.

The latest revelation over the weekend is that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. While I'm positive many people sighed over the news, the truth of the matter is who among us has not known of a similar situation rather close to us in our circle of friends and their families in the past year? I can think of two similar instances here in Alpena in my circle of friends.

If the GOP was looking for a contrast to John McCain and his wife's wealth and social status, they couldn't have picked a better candidate. Few Americans can relate to McCain's stance of not knowing for sure how many homes he owned but most Americans can relate to a person like Palin who as a parent of teenagers faces all the trials and tribulations those teenage years bring with them.

Some political pundits have questioned how many more surprises await us with Palin's life (in addition to her daughter's pregnancy there have been other items to surface as well). Yet like her Democratic counterpart Joe Biden, there appears to be enough past indiscretions to reinforce to the American public that neither will be nominated for sainthood anytime soon.

That's okay, for we aren't electing them to sainthood, merely the vice presidency. Interestingly, the Rasmussen poll for Sept. 2 showed that after a tough Labor Day weekend of criticism aimed at the Alaska governor, at 52 percent of those polled still had at least a "somewhat favorable" opinion of Palin.

My guess is that McCain and Palin will be satisfied with that.

Ultimately I think Palin probably will be a good choice. Right now the presidential race is neck to neck, a real toss-up. That being the case, as voters stand at the election booth trying to make up their mind, somehow I think a hockey mom who at 44 faces the prospect of being a grandmother is something many will be able to identify with.

Palin might not be mother of the Brady Bunch, but she and her family seem to reflect more of the All-American family today than perhaps any of us would like to admit to.


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