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How Monday got a bad rap

June 10, 2008 - Diane Speer
Yesterday for me was the kind of day that gives Monday’s a bad rap. It actually started over the weekend when my refrigerator died and I lost everything in the freezer side and about half the stuff in the refrigerator side. My husband and I went to a local appliance store on Saturday and purchased a new one that was to be delivered Monday.

I got the call early Monday morning while at work that the delivery guys were coming to my house, so I left the office to meet them. I figured this would take about a half hour of my time tops. Major under-estimation! Since I live in an old house (more than 100 years old) the doorways are smaller than in newer houses today, so that made getting my old fridge out and the new one in very tricky. The two delivery guys (nice guys but prone to complaining about the extra, unexpected work) had to remove several interior doors and the doors to my old appliance to get it out of the house. Then the handles, doors and bottom grate had to come off the new fridge in order for it make it into the house. After they carried all those parts into the house and stacked them in the kitchen, it became very apparent to me that they had delivered the wrong model of refrigerator. Try as they might to convince that I was confused and just didn’t remember what I bought (irritating!), it turns out that they inadvertently had brought me the fridge scheduled for their next delivery stop in Ossineke. So, this error required reassembling and returning the fridge in question to the appliance store, picking up the right model and re-delivering it to my house, re-unassembling handles, doors and grate, installing it all and then putting all the interior doors of my house back together. In all, this process took about two and a half hours instead of just the originally anticipated one half hour.

To kill time while the guys were working at my house, I decided to take a look at Monday’s Alpena News, which because of a time crunch I had not been able to do any earlier. When I’d sent my Monday Lifestyles page through before I left the office on Friday for the weekend, everything was fine. I’d done a story on the new Thunder Bay Theatre company and included their six photos. What immediately jumped off the page at me on Monday was that someone at the office had done something with one of the actor’s photos so that not only was it the wrong size, but also the wrong person. Now, one actor appeared twice on the page and one actor didn’t get his photo in at all.

Needless to say, this did not please me at all, but I had to wait until I got back to the office to find out who/what was the source of the snafu. Eventually the new refrigerator was up and running, and I could switch back into work mode. I found out later that one of the Sunday night editorial staff members - who will remain nameless in this blog - had to kill off the original photo because it “postscripted” (a technical, but fairly common occurrence with our computer system here) when my Lifestyles page was being sent to the image setter for printing purposes. Long story short, when my co-worker went to import the digital photo back onto my page, he wasn’t paying any attention. At all!

But I’ve since moved on, even though I’m the one who looks like the idiot because my name is over the Thunder Bay Theatre story in Monday’s paper. Overall, I have to say that when I look back at yesterday, I realize that despite it very much being a Monday, I had a few things to be thankful about.

1. We’d just received our economic stimulus check. Even though we hadn’t planned on spending it on a new fridge, the money certainly came in very handy.

2. I now have cold food again!

3. My husband and I have good friends - in this case, Cathy and Steve Idalski, who over the weekend allowed us to put what food we could salvage into their spare refrigerator. Thanks guys!

4. TBT Director Mark Butterfuss, who was extremely gracious and understanding about the mistake in Monday’s paper. I really appreciated that.

5. My family, who made me see all the humor in the situations. Yes, it really does help to laugh in the face of a few minor trials.

6. And finally, Monday is now but a memory and today is a brand new day chock full of possibilities.


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