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No martyr zone

June 6, 2008 - Steve Murch
So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants to be executed for being the “mastermind” behind 9/11. Good for him, he should want to die for coming up with such a heinous act.

With all due respect to those who lost loved ones in the attacks, the judge should not sentence him to death. While I don’t subscribe to the death penalty, that isn’t the reason I believe he should be spared from a death sentence.

Don’t give in to his wishes because he will become the martyr he aims to be. Millions of radical Muslims will treat his death as glory and honor. There is no honor in plotting the death of thousands of people, which is what he is allegedly responsible for.

Instead, he should be sentenced to life with no parole in an American prison. He would die in prison, likely not of natural causes — unless you think an inmate with no regard for human life murdering him is natural causes. The fear he would have to live with in the general population of a penitentiary would be like hell on earth, followed by hell ever after when he perishes.

Everyone can understand why the people who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001, would want those responsible to be punished with the loss of their life. And few people, if any, would raise too much of a stink if Mohammed and his cohorts were put to death. But being put to death by lethal injection, or whatever other form of capital punishment is used, is quick and less painful than the death they deserve. Pain and suffering would be more fitting for the crimes they committed.

Even if he makes it to a natural death, he doesn’t get the joy he wants from dying a martyr. Instead he would die alone, out of the eyes of the radical world he lived in. And likely few would remember his name without the reminder if and when his time would come.


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