Could pick the oldest president ever in 2020

The presidential election process of 2016 was not for the faint of heart and I doubt there will ever be one quite like that one. But, in politics, you just never know what surprises await on the election trail or that first Tuesday in November. So, looking ahead to the election of 2020, we could have a first in the age category.

The possibility does exist that we could have the oldest elected president in history. If Joe Biden were to run and win the election, he would win the election at 77 years old and be sworn in at the age of 78. If Bernie Sanders were to win the election, he would also be sworn in at the age of 78. Quite an amazing possibility, considering the fact that Ronald Reagan was 77 when his second term ended.

Not to say that being 78 years old and president would be a bad thing, because with age comes wisdom and experience.

But a fascinating possibility, indeed. One of the all-time great quotes on aging was by actress Bette Davis: “Old age is no place for sissies.”

To be sure, it will be interesting what unfolds in the election process of 2020.

It is an absolute privilege that we have the opportunity to be able to take part in that process and vote.