Gerrymandering is equal-opportunity abuser

There will be several proposals on our ballot this November. However, I believe that the most important is Proposal 2, also known as “Voters Not Politicians”.

For two centuries, our U.S. House of Representatives districts have been drawn in secret by whichever party is in power. Gerrymandering is an equal-opportunity abuser, abused by both parties. A quick look at Michigan’s district lines will show how hard the ruling party in 2000 tried to make sure their candidates’ seats were secure. We have a chance with Prop 2 to create a commission (consisting of four Republicans, four Democrats and five independents) that is independent of any one party to redraw the lines in a way that is fair. Everyone’s vote should count — elections should not be a done deal before the polls even open on Election Day.

Please vote yes on Proposal 2 to create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that will be fair, impartial and transparent!