Don’t tolerate Trump

The deaths of Aretha, who taught us to sing, “Respect!”, and John McCain, whose last message was to put country above party and partisanship, woke us up. They collectively called us to remember values that are at the core of what defines us.

This is why Trump cannot be tolerated. We can no longer listen to ” but look at the stock market” or “he is making us great again.” If you support him, you support all his behavior. You do not get to separate the somewhat-acceptable from the immoral and despicable.

Here are the ways this president acts that cannot define us.

He is a racist. Puerto Rico’s needs ignored. Brown children taken from parents with no plan to reunite them — and putting them in cages. Half-hearted criticism of white nationalists.

He is a liar. He bragged about lying to the Canadian Prime Minister. Lying is a tool to him, a way to manipulate.

His worst lying is when he does it to change reality. We saw the Lester Holt interview where Trump admitted firing Comey because of the Russian investigation. Trump now says Holt “fudged” the tape.

A Democracy depends on a well-informed electorate. Trump’s twisting of the facts is immoral, and dangerous.

Last, Trump took an oath to protect the Constitution. He must put the interests of Americans above all else.

We have heard repeatedly that the Russians interfered in our last election, and will in the next.

Trump repeatedly resists investigating this attack. The answer lies in his relationship with Russia and Putin, something he wants to hide. Whose interests is he really serving?

Which America do we want to be? The answer depends on your vote. Use it to restore our American ideals- ones of tolerance, fact and truth, and a strong democracy.


Alcona Township