Does our congressman represent working people?

In the height of our tourism season, I’m acutely aware of the hard-working people of our service industry who fuel this essential economic engine of our region, from Grayling to Copper Harbor and all points in between. I see the college student working a summer job to offset the crushing debt of student loans; the career employee working two jobs to pay for the basic needs of their children; the senior who’s working because their fixed income doesn’t cover the cost of food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.

Many of these people –and thousands more in other sectors of the economy, as well — are one unexpected expense (e.g. replacing a car transmission) away from a financial crisis that literally threatens their well-being.

Does our current representative in Congress work for and on behalf of the working people of our district? I don’t believe he does.

A review of the Federal Election Commission financial reports filed by Jack Bergman reveal that, between Jan. 1, 2017 and June 31, 2018, he raised more than $900,000 in campaign contributions. Corporate PAC money makes up more than half of that, and more than three-quarters of the corporate PAC money came from outside Michigan!

Would Bergman have us believe these corporations donate money because he’s a dedicated servant of the people of northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula? Would he receive these donations if his voting record did not align with the interests of the corporations?

I want to be represented in Congress by someone whose priority is serving the people of the 1st Congressional District rather than the interests of corporate donors. Bergman’s opponent, Matt Morgan, is not accepting any corporate PAC money. I’m glad we have a choice.


Greenbush Township