The News’ reliance on AP wire makes it fake news

The Alpena News followed the Boston Globe’s lead in the Thursday, Aug. 16 editorial in trying to defend the press in this country. The editorial quotes Sen. Debbie Stab-u-now, which pretty much discredits the whole editorial right there.

As long as The Alpena News relies on the Associated Press (AP) for their newsfeed, readers can be assured that the News is part of the fake news industry. All a reader has to do is read the bold-face headlines of the AP articles to see the bias and the lack of objective reporting. For example, in the very edition that this editorial appeared is an AP article on page 6B titled “Prosecution: ‘Manafort and his lies’ at heart of case”. Why not title the article “Defense: Evidence against Manafort cherry-picked by Mueller’s team” as was the defense assertion in that article if the reader bothered to read further? A neutral title on the article would have been more appropriate.

Like it or not Alpena News, your reliance on the AP puts you in the same bed as the other “fake news” and “enemy of the people” propaganda distributors in this industry. Newspaper readership continues to drop across the country. Recent polls note that 71 percent of Americans do not trust the press. It’s time for all of you in the press to do some soul searching and at least make some effort to regain that trust.


Rogers City