Sue Allor is not worthy of our trust or vote

Imagine my surprise when I read Sue Allor’s Aug. 8 article in which she was quoted saying Michigan should “shut down Line 5.” She claims she just recently reached this conclusion. That is NOT true.

In a 2016 Primary Voter Forum, then-candidate Allor called for the immediate closure of Line 5. As a commissioner, she said she knew the dangers to us and our beautiful state!! Three years ago!!

Since arriving in Lansing, she changed her tune and spouts the party line to continually call for further study. The truth of Allor’s “comprehensive plan to strengthen pipeline safety and accountability” is to post “No Anchor” signs in the Mackinac Straits. This does nothing to address the real threat of a spill.

Shameful!! How dare you abuse the power you have to help us.

The article’s headline claims she called for a shutdown, yet Allor gives Enbridge several ways to keep the line open. All they must do is “tell us the truth” or “explore innovative approaches.” Really??

Allor’s callous disregard for us, our health and our home is beyond belief!! Sue Allor is NOT worthy of our trust. She and the Lansing gang must go!