Embezzlement betrays Fair Board trust

Betrayed. While there are many words to describe the situation at hand, betrayed is the most fitting to describe our sentiments.

If you have not read already, a former member of the Alpena County Fair Board has recently been charged with embezzlement. This was an affront on supporters of the Alpena County Fair as an organization and our community at large.

Every year, the entire board of non-paid volunteers puts in hundreds of hours to showcase our agricultural community. We strive to make our annual exhibition an opportunity to unite both rural and urban residents in understanding through education and entertainment.

It is in this spirit of unity and understanding that we persist in bringing our community together. The last thing our community needs is further division. We have all been in a situation, either personally or professionally, where we put our trust in the wrong person. These are often the people we would least expect to betray our trust in them. This situation is no different.

When the issue came to our attention, we alerted the authorities immediately and have cooperated fully since. We immediately removed the member in question from the board. Rest assured that the Alpena County Fair Board is also implementing certain protocols to ensure this type of betrayal will never happen again. We ask for your support and understanding as we go through this process of healing together.