Kowalewsky a strong asset in PI County

Primary elections are quickly approaching, and I want to take this chance to brief you on the register of deeds race in Presque Isle County.

About one year ago, a tragic event required that someone be selected to step up, mid-term, to become the register of deeds there. Vicky Kowalewsky was chosen and she has been a strong asset in that capacity ever since.

‘ve been the register of deeds in Midland County for 11 years, and have had the unique, gratifying opportunity to get to know Vicky well. She is the only candidate who will be able to ‘hit the ground running’ as the Presque Isle Register of Deeds. She’s trained in every task and responsibility associated with that important office. She takes her role as a leader very seriously and is providing Presque Isle with major updates when it comes to recording land records.

By selecting a new, innovative, software company to work with beginning in October this year, she will be able to provide up-to-date recording methods, which will also be economically beneficial. Her relationship with Kofile, a new software provider, also means documents will begin being recorded electronically, which is the new industry standard. She has the needs and best interests of Presque Isle County in mind with every decision and innovation she is making.

Please make the informed decision. Don’t put your land records office in a hole! A vote to keep Vicky Kowalewsky your Presque Isle County register of deeds is a vote to keep your land records safe, now and into the future. It’s important to cast your vote in the primary election on Aug. 7 for Vicky Kowalewsky, Presque Isle register of deeds.


Midland County register of deeds