Standing with Trump on law and order policies

I stand with President Trump in his law and order policies. Especially when it comes to immigration. When someone comes onto your property uninvited you call the police to get them off your property or shoot them dead right? Do you keep your doors open and gates to your driveway? When someone wants to gain the privilege of being in the U.S.A. you shall do so legally. You want Asylum go to the U.S. embassy in your home country and stand in line and wait your turn. Do not show up at a border checkpoint you will be turned away. If you cross the border not at a checkpoint you do so at your own risk or peril. Try crossing the border elsewhere in the world and come back to me with the results I will be here waiting. I call for door to door searches for those here not legally and do immediate deportations no trial nothing. You have children here its fruits of a poison tree and they go with you. We have 20 Trillion in debt we cannot afford to have open borders no more.

Louis Vallance