We must do more to help with mental illness

After watching so many school, church and concert shootings, I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that mental illness plays such a big part. If you have ever had mental illness in your family you know there is absolutely no help available here in Alpena. When someone who suffers from depression calls the mental health department and tells them they need help and no one returns the call for a week, there is a big problem. Then after a week, the cannot get an appointment with a psychiatrist for three months. That is unacceptable. No wonder we have people who suffer from mental illness carry out such heinous crimes. They need help, become despondent, and out of frustration, do these horrible things. There should be help available any time of day or night. Something has to be done sooner than later. There is just no compassion for the person who is suffering or for the families who are trying to them help. They are also suffering. This has been ongoing for the last five years.

Dixie Crevier