Alpena should consider senior harbor rate

I recently visited Traverse City, while I was there I had a chance to walk their harbor area. What I noticed at the boat launch area is that they have a senior citizen seasonal rate of $20. This started me thinking of the recent increase at the Alpena boat harbor, $50 seasonal $7 daily. I made a few calls to other cities and did a little on line checking, I found Petoskey has a senior rate of $20 also, and that others had a lower seasonal and daily launch fees than Alpena. I know we have a wonderful harbor, a great fish cleaning station, and a good parking area. I guess what I would like to see in Alpena is a senior seasonal rate. This change would need to come about by going to the Harbor Committee with this proposal they in turn would give there recommendation to the city council. Since winter has delayed the boating season this year perhaps we could have a senior rate yet or if not this year next year. Let’s make Alpena a “Warm and Friendly Port” for our seniors.

Albert E. Hess