Teams, fans need to display sportsmanship

I think this applies to all games in northeastern Michigan. I attended the Girls District Basketball tournament on Feb. 28 and March 2 at Alcona.

At the conclusion of the final game and prior to the presentation of the winning trophy to Alcona, the Oscoda team, most (but not all) of their fans, coaches and administrators left the arena. I think that showed a lack of respect — but — now for the rest of the story. Just a few years ago the Alcona team at an Oscoda tournament ended up on the short end of the score in a boys championship game and that time it was the Alcona team that showed no respect for their victors as most of the fans left the arena prior to the trophy presentation and the players did not stand to show due respect to the winners. How do the parents and coaches teach respect to the players when they themselves show no respect?

I believe that High school players should put out maximum effort while displaying sportsmanship and when the game is over — it is over. If a Trophy is involved, stay close by while it is being presented and, fans please also show respect.

I am a product of Alcona and my grandson now plays in Oscoda and I understand the rivalry which in itself is very good but it is healthy and why don’t we keep it that way? As years go by we do not want to read where one of our students was part of a car being burned on a college campus just because somebody didn’t like the final score of a ball game.

Don Franklin