Statistics don’t always tell the full message

In regards to the letter by June Perry on Feb. 24, her letter is misleading. The reason why Republicans and President Trump canceled Obama’s unconstitutional and irresponsible bill on Social Security was because it made no sense and persecuted veterans as well as others. The former bill stated that if any person collecting Social Security had to have another person sign any SS forms then he/she would be disqualified on the gun background check. It included veterans even if they in the past were treated were temporary stress.

That NRA slogan was very immoral, had no bearing, and lacked credibility. The NRA has spent great sums of money in general on hunting Safety, clubs, parks, outdoor educational, etc. Wayne Lapierre of the NRA warned time and time again to copy what Israel has done to prevent disasters of this sort.

The accomplishments that the NRA has brought to the public is very rewarding. (1) They have made it that laws in many states for persons applying for a concealed weapon permit be a “shall issue” law as long as the individual passed the background check, where before you had to know someone or walk on water. (2) They pushed for the “Castle Doctrine,” where in some states was called “stand your ground.” This gave the edge for the victim for a change but must prove his/her life was in danger. (3) had passed in Michigan “The Emergency Powers Act” which prevents any Government source from confiscating firearms from law abiding people during any emergency. The disaster by Katrina in New Orleans motivated this law in many states. Liberals will never learn that paper and ink laws are non existent in the criminal mind.

Gary Butkovich