Cardiac care should be expansion priority

We the area residents and surrounding communities need a lot more support out of the current hospital in Alpena other than building a private room high rise. The cost of this expansion could be used for specialized treatment such as a cardiac center. Currently anyone who has a heart attack is given life support measures to try and ensure them life while we air lift them or via ambulance to a facility that can save their life. MidMichigan Alpena will not even do a vein stent.

We had three oncologists in the area. Surgeries are not performed by this staff. Due to hospital issues we are down to a staff of two with yet to be announced another one in the wings to replace him.

Whether you are young or old this hospital is not supporting the community in a manner we all need. Another area of concern is the emergency area which seems to be a frequent topic of conversation throughout the area due to long wait times. In some cases doctors make calls from the end of the bed without proper examination which has happened to us and they get paid as well. Standing at the bed without touching the patient is not an examination.

I do not believe healing in a private room is any better than semiprivate as it has been stated. Most stays in the hospital are two to three days so why can’t we use these proposed funds to make this hospital a complete care facility? Having a first class cardiac unit is long overdue.

Gary Parent