County receives funds at expense of others

This letter is in reference to the article a couple of weeks ago where Cam Habermehl, chairman of the Alpena County Board of Commissioners, was quoted concerning the Montmorency landfill. The purpose of the landfill, of which Alpena belongs, was started to keep waste disposal prices down and out of the hands of large waste corporations. It was not a for profit facility which now has become just another tax on our citizens. It is run as a monopoly. If the haulers haul anywhere else they could be fined as much as $10,000 a day. The landfill is not maintained and there is two to three feet of mud where haulers have to dump. They need to have their trucks pulled by a loader or dozer and supply their own tow cable. Of the three haulers questioned they all told the same story. They have blown tires, lost transmissions, broken axles and rear ends as a result of being towed and the conditions at the landfill. They say the manager and workers are not any help and they have not been able to get any help from the board. The three member counties collected their $150,000 running their monopoly that in reality added a tax to us due to the repairs the haulers have to make and get passed down to us who send our waste to the landfill. Cam thinks it’s great the county gets $150,000 at the haulers and the citizens expense. We need commissioners who are responsible to the citizens.

Darrel Spragg