We aren’t using death penalty like intended

This recent ruling by the San Francisco court acquitting that illegal alien of murder has got to be the most travesty of justice ever, and a complete disregard for the murder victim, as well as the country. Who was on that jury illegal aliens as they can drive and vote in that outlaw state? The accused had a long history of crime as well as being here illegally five times. The defense claims it was an accidental shooting, then why not a charge of manslaughter?

The 9th District Court has got to be a cruel practical joke for victims of crime. The coddling, pampering and procrastination of criminals (caught red handed) does nothing but condone and encourage more crime.

Another example is the Boston bomber caught on the scene in which the judicial system there took the entire summer to amass all the charges, then took another couple of years for his scheduled trial only to be given the death penalty, yet he still lives. In Illinois serial killer John Gacy was convicted of murdering around 30 young adults and buried them on his property. He was finally given a lethal injection over 14 years after his conviction.

Recently a punk (Roof) killed many of those poor people in a South Carolina church and laughed several times during his trial. I would love to see him laugh when he sees the electric chair.

Capital punishment was enacted to punish and liquidate criminals to make society safe, so why should these thugs be permitted to live many years after their conviction, especially when caught on the scene? What we need is judges like in Alpena that will show no mercy in cases like theses. Even the late TV evangelist Bishop Fulton James Sheen said “there is too much compassion for punks.”

Robert J. Colarusso