Upset that parents didn’t keep kid warmer

OK, it’s one of those times I feel the need to vent.

Monday afternoon (Dec. 11 — a very cold, blustery day) I was standing in the checkout line at our Dollar Tree store.

As I glanced outdoors, I noticed a young couple approaching the entrance. The “mom” was carrying a little guy, appearing to less than one year old. I notice the child was without a cap. Ohh. Bad enough, but when they walked inside, I saw that poor little guy had bare feet. What the heck? I was flabbergasted. I wish I had gone back, purchased a pair of socks and given it to them. But I thought of that too late (after being angry and shedding some tears). What I did do was go to church and pray; “Dear Lord, if you have some extra common sense laying around, please give it to these “parents.” Please keep that little boy safe and healthy and free from further abuse.

Marilyn Klingshirn