Tell senators not to vote yes on new tax bill

The basic function of government has always been to collect taxes and then use that money to provide protection and services to us.

That is why it is important to keep track of who pays the taxes and who gets the services.

The Republican Congress is in the process of trying to pass a new tax structure and it is important to see where the money will go.

They are proposing that the government cut taxes and bring in 1.5 trillion less dollars. Who gets to keep this money? One trillion of this cut goes to big companies, their CEOs and stockholders. About another half trillion goes to the very, very wealthy by reducing the estate tax.

What tax cut goes to the rest of us? Actually, most bipartisan analyses show that the middle class and poor will pay more taxes. We know that 13 million will lose their medical insurance if this bill passes.

More importantly, this huge tax cut to the rich very likely means less services and protection for the rest of us. Medicare is already predicted to be in the crosshairs, and it is predicted it will see huge cuts in 2018.

Why do the Republicans think these cuts are justified? Because, once again, they claim that the rich will use all this new wealth to “rain” money down on the working class. The rich are awash in money now, and here in Michigan wages have gone backwards or stated stagnant. It hasn’t worked. Obviously, most of the rich feel no obligation to help the working class verses buying themselves a new yacht.

Please call you senator. Ask them to make sure this bill doesn’t not pass. It only gives to the rich while it takes from the rest of us.

Carolyn Medland

Hubbard Lake