Lawmakers making grab for retirees’ money

When is enough enough? Again Lansing lawmakers set their sights on eliminating or reducing the retirement benefits that the police and fire unions have bargained for in good faith.

It appears now, they want those of us who have been part of the program for years, adjusted our budgets, accepted the fact of living on a fixed income and have planned and maintained our lifestyle accordingly, could somehow get by without the benefits we bargained for and were promised in the contracts we had with public employers.

Not all the cities and municipalities are negligent in maintaining the funding of their retirement systems, but others I’m sure look at this as a way to back out of there obligations to those retirees who served.

Gov. Snyder has the opportunity, by announcing he will not sign ay proposal that will cut the benefits of so many of this state’s residents.

I pray that he does. Happy Holiday?

Don Furze