Bergman sold out his contituents with vote

Loving to call themselves “conservatives,” the GOP just stuck it to future generations with a budget-busting trillion dollar deficit tax reform bill. Aiding and abetting this massive shift of wealth from his low income and middle class constituents in Northern Michigan to international corporate elites was our very own congressman, Jack Bergman. Shame on him.

What does Bergman not understand? His constituent newsletters sing that same old song of praise on how tax cuts to the wealthy will trickle down to enrich the lives of the little people. Trickle down economics is GOP fantasy. It’s been a failure. It does not work. If nothing else, look to Kansas as a recent example of unbridled corporate tax cuts destroying the state and the political future of its Republican governor.

Corporate America is already sitting on trillions of dollars in their domestic and off-shore savings accounts. They do not need more tax incentives, especially when it will be at the expense of the working poor and middle class and burdening future generations with debt.

It’s probably too late to undo Bergman’s damage. For sure he is no conservative. He sold out the 1st Congressional District and the nation by becoming a shill for his party and corporate America.

Joe Lukasiewicz