Be responsible when hunting in the woods

My husband came home from his evening hunt. As always I asked if he’d seen anything. He said that a small buck came out. He knew something was wrong. The deer turned his way. Its jaw was shot off. That was upsetting enough. Then he said, “It’ll probably starve to death.” This story of wounded animals, running for their lives is a pretty common story during hunting season and I feel compelled to tell the public about it. In speaking to several hunters in the last few years, I’ve been told that it is possible for the hunter to have a clean shot. I understand the “food chain” or the fact that they are the least of God’s creatures, but they feel pain and it’s possible they feel it more intensely than we as humans do. Please, whether you’re hunting for the meat or for the sport, think whether or not you want to be responsible for the abuse and neglect of our “woodland friends.” My husband did get his deer. He dropped it. It was a clean shot.

Julie A. Kaszubowski