Yes, we are reading different Constitutions

Re Bill Johnson’s recent letter: I thought it would take longer to be outed as a godless Communist, so I suppose kudos are due Mr. Johnson. That said, my initial inclination to ignore his letter is overcome its the carping, inaccurate, pedantic nature. At the risk of seeking another of his rants in print, and scanning from the beginning:

1. Perhaps Johnson’s parents raised him differently, but I was taught not to address someone by his first name before being introduced. Unless it’s Johnson’s unsubtle effort to put me in my place. As the kids say, epic fail.

2. Re the Establishment Clause (and the Free Exercise clause — let’s not forget that): first, if we’re going to quote, let’s quote accurately: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” That it does not say “separation of church and state” is irrelevant. Two hundred plus years of interpretation by SCOTUS tells us everything we need to know, including that the Constitution is purposefully agnostic about religion.

3. “Well we blew that part of your letter out of the water”? Seriously? You write like this?

4. That “a stunning number” of college students don’t understand the First Amendment says nothing about universities inviting only leftist speakers. That Berkeley paid for security for Ben Shapiro to speak proves my point. (Also, don’t use Mark Thiessen as a source if you want to be taken seriously.) As for Missouri, Johnson’s statement is ad hominem.

5.As for capitalism (small c) having been “proven and displayed to be the only true way,” again, the statement is ad hominem. As for emigrating, Greece is a lovely place. Thanks for the suggestion.

Clyde Shuman