We need news source from left for perspective

With reference to Carolyn Medland Nov. 4 letter:

The problem of “fake news” did not begin in this decade. It is an integral part of the news and opinion business, and can only be neutralized by sound education and vigorous debate.

Unfortunately, a substantial portion of public opinion lacks the background provided by sixth grade geography in 1957-58. I watched 20 presidential hopefuls pontificate on the correct policies to be pursued toward Iran, as each one demonstrated that he/she could not properly pronounce the name of that country. Electronic media sources are not enough. A broad array of print sources, including actual books, is necessary. The arcane art of reading may actually be invoked. Overuse of cliches, inconsistency with primary sources, odd turns of phrase — all these may provide hints of duplicity, like a poker player’s tell, to a practiced reader.

Among print sources, the New York Times is a Zionist rag which needs to be held to account by comparison to Haaretz for a touch of integrity in Middle East coverage. Washington Post is right-wing with a partisanship for neoconservative foreign policy. Wall Street Journal is conservative, favoring neoliberal economics. Scholarly journals are a good corrective.

Considering broadcast sources: Fox News is beyond right and off the cliff, having done to my generation’s minds that which we feared drugs would do to our children. CNN is conventional right-wing, and MSNBC rather centrist, with often suppressed feints to the left — note what happened to Keith Oberman, Ed Schultz, etc.

What this country needs is a source expressing views of the left to provide a proper perspective and corrective for misinformation and compulsory miseducation. But, it has not occurred because it is too threatening to corporate media ownership and ignored by a compulsorily miseducated public.

Robert L. Greene