Things to appreciate about living in Alpena

Every year, New York magazine runs a feature “What I Love About New York.” I’ve been in Alpena/Ossineke since May, and have complained about many things (e.g., the lack of fresh donuts), but there are things to, if not love, at least appreciate. In no particular order, a partial list:

1. The service at Ton O Suds Laundromat. The drop off service is friendly, the price is reasonable, and my laundry is clean and folded and treated with respect (if laundry can be said to be treated with respect).

2. The bacon cheeseburger at Culver’s. It’s the best hamburger I’ve had outside of New York and Los Angeles. I like to think it’s the burger Danny Meyer had in mind when he conceived Shake Shack.

3. Lake Huron. Our house is on Thunder Bay. It’s 50 feet from the back windows. I cannot express how essential it is to live on the water. Take Thunder Bay, the cheeseburger at Culver’s and the wonderful laundry service at Ton O Suds, and that’s nearly enough to make everything else palatable.

4. There is more. Austin Bros. Brewery and The Fresh Palate and the start of (I hope) an influx of imaginative restaurants and shops. People who’ve been elsewhere and moved back or moved here. People younger than me with interesting ideas and the capital to see if they work.

5. The miracle of unsolicited assistance, e.g., when we had a dead battery and a fellow just showed up with jumper cables. And he wouldn’t take any money for his troubles. It’s a friendliness and willingness to help others with which I am unfamiliar, having lived in New York City for 25 years.

There is more, but the paper limits us to 300 words.

Clyde A Shuman