The real threat to America’s democracy

Countering Rudy Bauer’s recent communication: In this year’s “Thirty Days of Peace” season, the Oct. 3 presentation of Richard Wolfe’s “Rethinking Capitalism” was a refreshing opposing view to reactionary, neoliberal economic propaganda currently dominating both right-wing parties, universities, and media environments across this country. Since displacing Keynesian economic insights that ended the depression and gave us post WWII prosperity, proponents of these reactionary Reagan era theories have infected the Clintonistas and their successors and effectively promoted economic policies designed to divert the wealth created by working people to the masters of mankind. Forced austerity, quantitative easing, trickle down charlatanry and other cheap economic sophistry have defrauded those who actually make things of their rightful share in the national wealth they produce, and transferred it to a parasitical kleptocracy that society can ill afford.

All this follows doctrines ostensibly constituting a purer version of Adam Smith’s observations and recommendations (i.e., neoliberal), and elevated to the status of a cult, except among those who have actually read Smith. I submit that Smith anticipated 75 percent of the labor theory of value in the first 50 pages of Wealth of Nations, and that Marx, for all his loose ends, is entirely within the academic tradition of Classical British economics. Any comparison of Vladimir Illich Ulanov to Karl Marx is more far fetched than the relationship of Karl to Groucho.

If there is danger to democracy in this country, it derives from an economic elite seeking to subvert democracy to promote policies the people do not want. This is accomplished by vote suppression, court packing, gerrymandering, and massive infusions of corporate funds into the electoral process. The free exchange of news and views is severely threatened by a corrupt corporate media and bought and paid for legislatures. Wake up and pay attention.

Bob Greene C. P. C