Reading a different version of Constitution

In rebuttal of Clyde Shuman’s rebuttal.

Clyde, you said that your copy of the Constitution was missing a page. Sorry I think you added a page. Let’s flesh this out. In the Establishment Clause of the Constitution It reads: That the government of the United States will not establish a religion. Nothing about separation of church and state. This idea comes about in 1806 when Thomas Jefferson addressed A Baptist Church in Massachusetts. Jefferson told the church that there should be a wall between all churches and the government. Mind you this was only an opinion, not a law. The Laws of God have served and guided mankind for thousands of years without fail. Well we blew that part of your letter out of the water.

As to whether we should have Marxian speakers at our college campuses, so be it. You said college students are hearing dissonant voices and learning different perspectives. According to an article by Mark Thiessen on Sept. 22, 2017: “A stunning number of college students have no understanding of the First Amendment.” This is evident with the rise of Antifa. On June 1 and Sept. 5, 2017, Antifa squelched speeches by two right wing speakers. U.C. Berkley spent over $600,000 for security just so Ben Shapiro could speak on Sept. 5. Also look at The University of Missouri, no free speech there.

Lastly Capitalism. It has proven and displayed to be the only true way to wealth and stability in the marketplace. Just try Marxism or Communism. I think that was tried and failed miserably back in the 20th century. But hey Clyde if you think that those are sound economic choices, please move to Venezuela or North Korea, or maybe even Greece. I’m sure you will live a full life in those bastions of Marxism.

Bill Johnson