Plaza Pool an investment worth the cost

The Alpena Plaza Pool at the senior high school is a valuable asset to the community and I am so glad it’s here. Otherwise, I’d be curled up in my recliner watching the days to by and all the time steadily growing stiffer and weaker.

Actually the Plaza Pool’s simple “water walking” would adequately build up and maintain my strength, but my daughter, Esther Suzanne, takes me to the pool twice a week (she wants to increase it to three sessions) to do a series of exercises recommended by a therapist at Thunder Bay Sports Medicine. Esther gets into the pool with me to see that I don’t cheat — not that I want to, because it feel pretty wonderful. But, no short cuts. I suspect she even adds minutes as she believes more exercise cures just about everything (while unlimited reading and resting are my favorite cure-alls).

We chose to buy a yearly membership form an array of choices. It is a bit steep, but worth every penny in the interests of one’s health. And you meet the very nicest people at the Plaza Pool.

Elaine Thompson