Letter writer should think before insulting

In response to Mr. Shuman’s letter in regards to Thunder Bay Theatre’s production of Hamlet, I’d like to inform him that he has completely missed the point of the production and has obviously not heard of adaptation. Changing the setting or time period of a piece of literature is not a new idea, the Stratford Festival does it every year. In staging Hamlet in a less formal setting, the content becomes more accessible for audience members who may be intimidated by Shakespeare. It also serves as a primer for the newer actors being mentored by the more experienced ones. Shame on you for berating a group of artists who worked long hours in order to bring something special and different to our very isolated community. I’d like to remind you that some of those artists are young members of our community stretching their wings onstage and behind the scenes for the first time. I’d advise you to take a step back and think about who you might be insulting and how damaging that might be.

Jessica Luther