Hospital visit provides positive experience

It is human nature to enjoy listening to horror stores. MidMichigan Health-Alpena is an easy target. People come to the hospital and sometimes the problems are impossible to fix. It then becomes an opportunity to share tales of woe.

After two recent inpatient stays, I was reminded how fortunate we are to have our hospital.

From Custodians to Nurses and Doctors, from Hospitalists to Administrators, from the Emergency Department to the Surgery Center, and from the Cancer Center to the superior level of care across the entire facility; all should encourage us to pause and thank our lucky stars.

I urge all of us to stop any all members of our hospital team to sincerely and thank them for their care, concern, and service to our community.

Fresh out of the hospital and on the mend, I am extremely thankful that MidMichigan Health-Alpena is at our doorsteps. Try to imagine what life would be like if Northeast Michigan was without this health care Jewel. Stop me and ask about the amazing people that care for us right here in Alpena. I am very willing to share my experience.

Hal Neiman