Get your news from balanced, trusted sources

It is beyond doubt that Russia interfered in our last election, bombarding us with false information on Facebook.

Our answer to preventing this is — us.

We chose to watch the news we like, not the news that informs us. Remember, it is not illegal for a “news” station to lie to us by masquerading as a legitimate source.

Understand the types of news out there. A legitimate source has to check their facts and reconfirm them multiple ways to be journalist.

Facebook does none of this. Read it all you want, just don’t count it as news.

At the worst, there are “click-bait” sites. These “news” sources are trying to recruit and enrage you with tantalizing falsehoods. For example, on the right, Breitbart and InfoWars and on the left, AddictingInfo, OccupyDems, are click bait. Don’t waste time on these “sources.”

Next, we have sources that are a mix of journalism and clickish non-news. On the right, Fox News fits here and on the left, Huffington Post. Both sites can be journalistic, but also mix in junk news. Beware if you only use these sources.

Where does our true news come from, sources that publish items that they verify? The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, Reuters, Associated Press, NBC and ABC get good marks.

MSNBC is in a category of its own — they use solid reporting, but are left-leaning enough they should not be your sole source of news.

Here is the challenge: listen to the news that feeds your opinion if you must, but don’t let that be your only source. Check out what the solid journalists are writing for you.

If not, there is a Russian troll counting on you to take their made-up story and repost it on Facebook.

Carolyn Medland

Hubbard Lake