Enjoyed play at ACT written by local playwright

Saturday evening, Oct. 28, we went to ACT to see a play that had wonderful revues in the Alpena News and was written by a local playwright. But what really happened invited us into a cozy kitchen in Holy Hallow, Tenn. Homespun America reached out to us to make us a part of their simple, yet sometimes chaotic lifestyle that represents all of us in one way or another. It was as if we were really there sharing their lives with all of their mix of hard time, struggles, hopes, dreams and love through the cast that became Roy and Ethel and friends. Each of them portrayed their part with the exact person they had cast. It was a glimpse of the past in the hills of Tennessee that reflected the warmth that captivates the heart and draws us back to memories we cherish, to an era we no longer know … It was America as it should still be and we left our hearts there in Holy Hallow with Ethel and Roy and friends.

Kudos to Scott Edgar for choosing this play for our enjoyment. And to Allan James Grund/Roy Hickock for giving us a cherished gift of life in America through the eyes of those who lived a life of hope, dreams, friends and love filled with humor and spirit. Your song with tender words of expression and the trout stream conversation with God touched the very depth of those of us who listened with open hearts to allow the deeper message to resonate.