Some ideas to improve Alpena’s traffic flow

One of my favorite small town business districts is in St. Joseph, Mich. Its main street is not on a state or U.S. highway. The street is paved with bumpy bricks and the businesses thrive.

Visitors need time to slow down and gawk so as to find a place to eat or shop. They don’t need a local or thru traffic bugging them because they are moving slow. St. Joseph’s bumpy bricks help slow down traffic for just that purpose.

To accommodate thru traffic, reroute northbound US-23 to turn off State at Ripley, thence to 11th Avenue, then back on US-23 at Chisholm. State to Chisholm, thence to 11th could be marked as Business 23.

Have M-32 end at Ripley with 23 North and South well marked.

Thru traffic will appreciate being able to avoid slow moving tourists. Removing thru traffic makes it possible to place crosswalks in the center of blocks, thereby easing foot traffic between shops or restaurants.

Make all streets two-way with angle parking.

Long range? Move the farmers market to the fairgrounds. Move the post office to the present farmers market site.

Robert W. Thompson