Our county gives us freedom to make choices

I never thought I’d ever be writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, but I feel compelled to comment on the protests over the national anthem whether standing or kneeling.

This is the “Land of the free and the Home of the brave.” “Free to make our own choice to kneel (which shows reverence in church) or stand with hand over heart. Whoever said it was mandatory to stand?

I don’t believe it’s a racial or white supremacist matter. It’s a matter of being told what to do by Mr. Trump who somehow became president or dictator of our country and says to stand or fire the SOBs.

It’s a downright shame it became a matter of protesting, whether the NFL, MLB, etc., it’s a matter of choice.

These athletes are “brave” enough to make their own choice and show it to the nation.

A politically analyst compared sports to military — what?

I’m sure these athletes as well as most people are listening to the words of the national anthem. I know I do, sometimes with a tear.

God Bless America.

Barbara May