Opinion page columnists take a left turn

You know, dear Readers, those of you who put the best construction on things, what President Trump was saying to the widow of that hero husband of hers was, in effect, “Your husband, even though he knew of the dangers to himself, went into that battle anyway. What a hero he was.” But, no, liberals, like Schultz, are putting other words into the president’ s mouth, namely, “Your husband knew what he was getting into. Tough.”

One really has to wonder whatever happened to the Alpena News with the leftism we have noticed since Donald Trump started running for president. We have noticed a steady diet of anti Trump columns on the the opinion page from the likes of Pitts, Parker, Schultz, Witcover, Goldberg (RINO), Chavez, Will (RINO), Harop, Heller, Schields, Lowry (RINO). I even hate to open up that page anymore.

Earl W. Elowsky