Not in support of millage for a new county jail

Just recently I received a mailing explaining all about the current situation of the Jail and the proposed Taxes which may be assessed on the taxpayers. In the first year of the new tax, it would raise about $912,593.00. However, over 20 years it would raise some $18.2 million. What is all that money going to used for? How much is a new jail? It says they may need to share the revenue collected with the Downtown Development Authority established in the City of Alpena. How many other taxes currently on the books are being shared for other reasons? This tax is supposed to be 1 mill, or $1 per $1,000 of taxable value. Taxes are like gaining weight, you gain 10 pounds but over time you get used to it. Then you gain another 10 pounds and you get used to that. My taxes are high enough. I feel our elected officials need to look at some other way to fund this project besides the taxpayers. I’ve gained enough weight (taxes) and I need to go on a diet, starting with this funding proposal.

David Welton