News coverage of two-way traffic should be applauded

Thank you so much for your newspaper’s coverage of the ill-fated attempts by City Council to impose two-lane traffic without consulting the businesses or residents most affected.

How fortunate that sitting council member Susan Neilsen came to her senses and changed her vote! I applaud her for doing so, seeing how we would have lost parking spaces so badly needed downtown or created an unsafe lane width.

Yet, such an irresponsible use of public resources never should have been considered in the first place without consulting the public.

It was as good an idea as the recent proposal in your letters to divert highway traffic to Ripley; what a surefire way to kill downtown! And cobblestones??

Perhaps the most helpful idea at this point would be to ask the business owners what developments they would like to have happen, which is precisely what write-in candidate Rick Rafferty has promised to do if elected. I am proud to have served under his leadership of the Alpena Child Abuse/Neglect Team, and I look forward to witnessing his leadership at work on the City Council.

Keep up the good work, informing the public, all of whom I hope will join me in voting for Rick Rafferty, write-in candidate for City Council. I also hope they will join me in contributing to foot traffic downtown in support of the local economy, before we all end up turning our ankles on cobblestones.

Seth Peters