Looking for other avenues for a new jail

There has been a lot of talk about supporting a new jail. I feel it is time to think outside the box. I’m sure that several of the smaller northern communities all have the same issue. No space, old buildings, needed repairs, etc. I feel we should use our energy in looking to solve the issue without a lot of expense to the taxpayers. Why not look into reopening the Federal Prison in Standish for the use of all the little communities in the State. The facility is setting idle at this time and we could probably lease it for a much cheaper rate than building all new facilities in several northern Michigan towns. Prisoners could be seen by a Judge using closed circuit TV and never have to leave the facility. Only temporary prisoners would have to be held in local jails and relieve the pressure on our current jail systems. I feel this would be a great alternative to the current situation that our community now faces.

David Welton