Let’s get to know each other better

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate you’re concerned for your future and your grandchildren. So am I – both of ours. It’s why I am running.

You asked about how giving kids glasses helps the working class. Well, kids with glasses can see the board. If they can see the board, they can learn the board. If they can learn the board, they can excel in school. If they can excel in school, they can take advantage of the social mobility we have long promised our children in working class families, but haven’t always delivered.

You mention my faith. For me, it’s a source of personal inspiration – a belief that I am accountable to a higher power who will hold me accountable to how I treat my fellow human. And like all governors, I will take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. The constitution is the law of the land, and I’ll fight with everything I have to protect it for all of us.

To borrow from then candidate John F. Kennedy in the face of fear-mongering about his Catholic faith , ‘l am not the [Muslim] candidate for [governor], I am a democratic candidate for [governor] who happens to be [Muslim].”

If you’re open to it, let’s get together and get to know each other better. My guess is that we have a lot in common, starting with a love of our country and our great state.

I appreciate you,

Abdul El-Sayed

Democratic Candidate for Governor