Is God really in charge of the weather?

In response to Marlin Goebel’s letter in Saturday’s paper, leaving aside that most of the letter is an advertisement for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (one would have thought that the Earth, with its fossil record dating back billions of years, was a creation museum): How do recent (or not) climatic events, e.g., Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Irma and Maria, show that God is in charge of the weather?

Never mind that. Take the statement at face value. Assuming God is in charge of tweather, then what does it say that the recent severe hurricane season affected mostly people of color, people without a lot of money and people of color without a lot of money. Does this mean that God (like President Trump) doesn’t like (or care about) anyone who isn’t rich and white? Does this mean that God isn’t a fan of island life? Do tornadoes tell us that God doesn’t like the Great Plains, or just that He doesn’t like trailer parks? Do earthquakes tell us that God doesn’t like the Pacific Rim, or Asia Minor?

Or, and here’s a heretical thought: Is God (for lack of a better word) agnostic about weather and natural phenomena? Do these things happen for reasons independent of any action by God? For myself, I’m not sure that any natural disaster–or any man-made disaster, for that matter–says very much of anything about God, never mind whether He is in charge. (To cite a recent example, I don’t think the Las Vegas shooting had anything at all to tell us about God.) If this makes me eligible for the fast track to Hell, at least I’ll have interesting company.

Clyde A Shuman