Invest county’s money to build the future

When I ran for office and was asked about the county jail, I thought it was an issue that needed a careful head to wade through. While lawsuits are something that should be avoided, at the same time political entrepreneurship should be avoided too, thus my mixed answer during the campaign. I believe my fears have been realized.

When I sat in on a meeting regarding the jail, the person presenting mentioned that arrests would increase, even as population decreases. I am not an expert, but these numbers seem off to me. Most of those would be coming from the war on drugs. Instead of adopting policies that work in places like Portugal, the county continues to waste taxpayers funds (which is stolen money to begin with), whereas it could use the same funds to encourage growth and policies that reduce the allure of the dark side. Alpena should use its financial stability to build the future, instead of being stuck in the past.

Zach Boyle