Don’t be caught unaware; tour jail, vote yes

If you are planning to vote no on the new jail, think again. If you have not toured our current facility, do not vote until you do. If you are voting no because of the addition of the DDA (Downtown Development Association) understand that this has been a part of every public building you have ever voted for. Why? It is a state law. Someone just decided this time to make it more visible than in the past. They will see about $3,000 per year from this millage. If you think you can’t afford this payment of about $50 per $100,000 assessed value, consider that our jail is about to be condemned. It was built in 1956 as a 30 year building so do the math. If condemned, our taxes will be going to transport and house our inmates elsewhere. That means paying for deputies to transport as well as for housing. This will far exceed the amount it will cost to build a new facility. Please do not vote blind. Check it out and vote yes to bring our jail up into the 21st century.

Dorothy Boyk