DHD’s cavalier attitude toward birth control

District Health Department No. 2 has two large billboards in the city of Alpena with an ad campaign for female birth control devices. They feature a photo of a young lady with two types of implantable birth control devices, and the phrase “Get it, and forget it.” I know that by and large, modern cultures views on casual sex are “well everyone is doing it so we may as well accept it,” but do we have some room left for common decency.

It seems to me that instead of only educating the public that these devices are available through your local health department, your government is saying, come on down, we can make promiscuity easier. Not to mention that the devices shown do nothing for the prevention of STDs. Can we please not use tax dollars to fund an ad campaign that dehumanizes sex? This ad campaign can be approached in a more appropriate way.

This ship has sailed but if you wish to voice your opinion and encourage public servants to use less provocative terminology in future advertising the next meeting for District Health Department No. 2 is 8:30 a.m. Oct. 23, 2017, Oscoda County Annex Mio, MI 48647.

Adam Brege