County in need of our support for new jail

Please join me in support for the bond issue that will finance the replacement of the Alpena County Jail. I have visited this facility and found it is in deplorable shape. The jail is outdated, beyond normal repair and maintenance, and will never comply with code.

The Alpena area has seen some outstanding improvements in facilities such as building hotels, remodeling restaurants and updates in the hospital. We have also seen resurfacing of streets and improvements in school facilities. The jail, unfortunately, has not had any improvements for over 35 years. It is time for the jail to be replaced. There is a bond proposal to build a jail in a central location in the county. The site would also allow for future expansion.

It is my understanding that the new facility will use concrete masonry and cement to construct the building. This will ensure longevity and durability of a facility which, most likely, will see continued and increased use.

The cost of a new facility seems reasonable. Please take time to vote for continued progress in the Alpena area.

Jim Park