County in need of new jail, so vote yes

I would like to support a new jail and preface my support from citizens who are supporting a new fail facility also. Kenneth Oke: “Our old jail has had its day and must be replaced.” Kathy Froggett: “I toured the jail, overcrowding issues and health concerns left me unsettled.” Alpena County Clerk Bonnie Friedrichs: “The jail is not a place you give much thought to, but imagine if you had to go there every day as an employee, the sounds, the smells, and the people who work there. Equipment is stacked upon other equipment due to the lack of space. Ceiling that leaks, maintenance has made the effort to repair to keep it functional. But there comes a point when repairs are no longer a feasible option and a time for a new facility is needed, we are at that point.” Jim Park: “I visited the jail and found it in a deplorable condition. Alpena area has seen improvements in other facilities, hotels, restaurants, schools and updates in the hospital. The jail has not had any improvements in 35 years. It’s time that it be replaced.” Honorable Judge Michael G. Mack: “Not a week goes by where I am not in touch with the jail on overcrowding situations. Today’s inmates pose a higher risk and put citizens of this community in greater peril than ever before.” The people have spoken, it’s time for us to support funding for a new jail. I ask you for your support and vote “Yes” on Nov. 7.

Jim Marquardt

Retired sheriff