A letter directed to Congressman Bergman

As a U.S. House Representative, you are sworn to protect and uphold the health and welfare of the people of the United States. Given the extreme standoff between the leader of North Korea and our President, we are experiencing, once again, as we did 55 years ago (The Cuban Missle Crisis), the possibility of nuclear catastrophe. The situation with North Korea is tense, and the President’s approach, so far, has been to threaten Kim Yong-un with “fire and fury like the world has never seen”….not exactly the path to diplomacy.

In addition, the President and his war hawks want to allocate precious tax dollars, on top of the current $1 trillion plus, to re-build the entire nuclear arsenal. If the probability of nuclear escalation doesn’t give you nightmares then think about this: the administration’s threat to walk away from the US-Russian nuclear arms control agreements.

Congressman Bergman, you and your House members have the power to derail this impending train wreck by calling for: direct diplomacy with North Korea, refusing funds for the rebuilding and escalation of nuclear weapons, and protecting the US-Russian nuclear arms control agreement.

Janet Fairchild