Township decision fails young community

This letter is in regards to the special use permit that was denied to Stenz Wrestling Club, LLC by the Township Planning Commission.

I think that this is absolutely horrible on Alpena Township’s behalf. Here is young couple in the community wanting to open a small business and were not able to do so. Alpena wants young families and young professionals (especially with Mrs. Stenz being a medical provider) to stay in the area. This is a prime example of why Alpena is struggling in this area.

Opening this business would be no different than opening a daycare or hair salon in your home. The neighbors were concerned with the amount of traffic in the sub division; well sorry to say, but there would be less traffic for this club than a weekly family dinner. They are using the building already provided and no additional buildings being built, or parking lots being made. They have only one wrestling mat and will not be adding any additional. The club only meets twice a week for two to three hours, and is within reasonable daytime hours.

As far as the location not being suitable, also disagree there, I think it’s perfect. The Stenz family is very well aware if this ever grew to a larger business (more than one wrestling mat, which is all they have), they would be more than happy to purchase another location.

You are taking away a young family in the community’s dreams, an opportunity for children to have a positive role model, and an opportunity for Alpena sports to excel. The Township and residents of Burk Manor that signed the petition should be ashamed of themselves!

Monica Dziesinski