Hurricanes a reminder that God is in charge

Katrina, Harvey, and Irma all made recent headlines, demonstrating the great power of water and flooding. The Glacial Missoula Lake, located in Montana, overran many western states after it broke away. This cataclysmic flooding caused the Grand Canyon to form.

In a visit to the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky this spring, where Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis team have built the full-size ark (510 feet long, 51 feet high, 85 feet wide), as described in the Bible (Genesis chapters 6-9), we were reminded of the enormous amount of water that was involved at the time of the Flood and the global destruction it caused. (See

The three decks of the Ark display an excellent fulfillment of God sending the worldwide flood to destroy all human life that had become evil, as well as the air-breathing animals. Only eight of Noah’s family and representatives of all animal Kinds were spared. Much time was spent to prove there would have been plenty of room on the Ark for these animals, along with their feed. Many other things are planned for the Ark Encounter’s 800 acre site. They presently have live animals, petting zoo, a restaurant, and two zip lines, with several buildings already under construction, including the Tower of Babel.

Another “must see” is the Creation Museum, which is located 45 miles from the Ark; both are designed for children and adults. The distance from Hillman to the Ark, which is situated just off I-75, is 500 miles.

On a side note, the limestone quarry that Lafarge is using to make cement is filled with fossilized animals that were buried in this spot at the time of the great Flood of Noah’s day.

God is still in charge of worldly happenings, including the weather.

Marlin Goebel